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May 2021 release of Baserow

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The May release of Baserow contains lots of useful changes. It is now possible to export tables and views to CSV format. Lots of data? No problem, the exporter can handle it. Importing is also getting more mature with every release, because we now also support JSON files. Ordering rows and fields was already possible, but from now on you can also order your groups, databases, tables and views via drag and drop. We have also introduced three new date filters for filtering on today, this month and this year. As always, there are also a couple of bug fixes and we created new templates.


Exporting data functionality scored very high on the survey at the beginning of this year. You can now easily export all your table or view data to CSV format. Click on the three dots next to a table or view and click on “Export table” or “Export view”. This will open a modal where you can choose how you would like to export. Clicking on the “Export” button at the bottom will generate the file and then offers the file as download.

Screenshot exporting data

Drag and drop ordering

When using Baserow, you have probably ran into the problem where you wanted to move a database, table or view to another position. We have heard this feedback a lot and we listened. It now possible to order your groups, databases, tables and views by dragging and dropping. Simply drag them to the desired position by pressing the mouse button on the item and release it on the right position.

Screenshot ordering applications, tables and views

All changes

All the changes of version 1.3 listed.

  • Exporting to CSV
  • Ordering by drag and drop for:
    • Groups
    • Applications / Databases
    • Tables
    • Views
  • Importing of JSON files when creating a new table
  • Today, this month and this year date filters
  • URL field can now have unlimited characters
  • Fixed bug where the view sometimes stays selected after deleting it
  • Fixed bug where the focus of editing the name of a group, application, table or view was sometimes incorrect.
  • Admin group management premium.
  • Admin dashboard premium.
  • Exporting to JSON and XML premium.
  • Templates

Want to upgrade to the latest version?

If you have installed Baserow via Cloudron, then you can follow the steps described at the bottom of the install on Cloudron guide.

If you have installed Baserow manually on Ubuntu, then you need to add the following to your /etc/supervisor/conf.d/baserow-backend.conf file.

command=/baserow/backend/env/bin/celery -A baserow worker -l INFO -Q export

command=/baserow/backend/env/bin/celery -A baserow beat -l INFO -S redbeat.RedBeatScheduler

After that you can follow the instructions described at the bottom of the install on Ubuntu guide.

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