Workspaces overview

Baserow is organised into workspaces, each workspace has users invited to become collaborators. Baserow workspaces are a top-level navigation item in the menu bar. Your workspaces are blank canvases on which you can add any database you want.

Users can use Baserow completely for free and be in a workspace in both the self-hosted and SaaS versions. To learn more about inviting collaborators to a workspace, please see this support article.

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Joining workspaces

You are free to join as many workspaces as you want and to switch between them at any time from your dashboard. On your Dashboard, click the + Create workspace button to add a new workspace.

Remember that each of your workspaces is separate even though you are free to create as many as you wish. You can’t transfer or link information across workspaces, so it is advisable to keep related databases in one workspace.

You can switch between each of your workspaces from the dashboard page.

If you’re looking for something else, please feel free to make recommendations or ask us questions in our online community —we’re ready to assist you!