Overview of Baserow Views

Everyone, including Admins and Members, can modify Views.

If you’re a multi-tasking, super-efficient kind of person, you know you’re at your best when you can accomplish many things at once. That’s why we have multiple Baserow views to help. You can look at your data in multiple ways.

Note that each view is based on a model of the data and that the view you are currently looking at reflects your data in a specific model. Thus, If you make a change while you are in a view, that edit will affect the data in all views, unless you have used a filter to exempt some views from seeing that change.

Views can display only specific fields in a table, or configure other aspects of the table to manage the data in the view. Each view determines how records in a table will be displayed and manipulated.

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The view dropdown is divided into two core sections. The first half highlights the list of existing views you have in the selected table, while the second half lists the four core view types that can be created on Baserow: Grid, Gallery, Form and Kanban.

Within the View dropdown, you can search for existing views, switch between views and create a new view from the available options.

If you’re looking for something else, please feel free to make recommendations or ask us questions in our online community —we’re ready to assist you!