Databases overview

Databases are a key tool in managing businesses. Whether you’re using simple handwritten notes, Baserow, Excel, Access or another option, there will be elements of a database in your work. Even keeping a simple list of your customers on a notepad is a rudimental type of database.

Applications like databases belong to a workspace, so to create them, you need to create a workspace.

What is a Baserow database?

A database is a collection of tables, each containing rows and columns. A Baserow database can include multiple tables containing information for different projects.

Baserow databases are an important part of your workspace; they keep you organized and allow you to quickly view and update your data. You can easily create tables with related fields, like adding all the contact information from a list of clients.

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How a database works

When you understand what different parts of the database are, you can learn to manage them better. Then you can manipulate the data that is contained within the database to make important business decisions.

A database consists of tables. Each table consists of numerous table cells, which are important snippets of information. These table cells are arranged into columns and rows. The rows are the records. This is where information for a certain object (i.e. customer, order, etc.) is kept. The columns are the fields. The field will correspond to certain data like ID, colour and postcode.

Baserow allows you to upload high-quality media images, videos, documents and any other elements to a table in a database with a simple drag-and-drop feature. This allows you to create a better database quickly.

Baserow allows you to automatically retrieve and populate databases using APIs. If you have access to developers, they can automate this for you. If you don’t have access to technical expertise, then webhooks can populate tables with ease.

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