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1.11 release of Baserow

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What’s new in Baserow 1.11

The vacation season has begun — but not for us! During the last two weeks, we implemented some new features, including additional importing, snapshots, form conditions, duplication, and much more. While we speed towards our next milestones, let’s take a close look at all updates in Baserow!

What’s new and improved in Baserow:

Additional importing

From now on, it is possible to import additional data into existing tables. You can import an existing CSV file, a JSON file, or just paste table data. The cells of the imported rows will be mapped to the correct fields based on their name. You can optionally change the mapping by choosing the desired target field. And you can use mapping to manually set up the logic of which fields to merge and where. Any incompatible cell will remain empty after the import.

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Duplication of databases, tables, and fields

As promised, in this release we are thrilled to present you with more duplication features — duplication of databases, tables and fields. To duplicate a database, you need to hover over the table, click on the three dots and select the duplicate database option from the dropdown. To duplicate a table, you also need to on the three dots and select the duplicate table option from the dropdown. To duplicate a field, you need to click on the arrow next to the field name and select the duplicate field option from the dropdown.

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Snapshots provide a full copy of a database, making it possible to restore a database to that point in time later on. You just need to click on a database and select the Snapshot option from the dropdown. By using a snapshot, you can make backups and protect yourself against accidental loss.

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Form conditions

Form conditioning allows you to control what happens when specific data is entered in a particular field. Conditional logic can be used to hide and show form fields only if any of the criteria are met. It will show fields in a form based on the provided values for previous fields. Creating conditions for forms works the same as Baserow filters.

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In addition to Grid view, you can now publicly share a Gallery view as well.

Ask Me Anything

Save the date! On the 11th of August, we will conduct our first community event AMA — Ask Me Anything.

Product strategy, new subscription plans, feature requests, integrations with other tools, customer support, onboarding services, SLAs, and investment priorities — get answers to your biggest questions in real-time from our founders Bram Wiepjes and Olivier Maes.

Register for our first Ask Me Anything session to not miss the event, and feel free to submit your questions beforehand. We will start the event by answering them.

New in Templates

New fields, new views, new tables, and new structures — we did tons of improvements to the existing templates, and also added some new ones to the library. See up-to-date updates on the Templates page.

New Templates

  • Benefit Show Manager
  • Business Expenses
  • Emergency Triage Log
  • Employee Directory
  • Growth Experiments
  • Moving Company Manager
  • Online Freelancer Management
  • Personal Finance Manager
  • User Feedback
  • Workshops and Trainings

All changes including the bug fixes!

  • Added configs and docs for VSCode setup.
  • Added a new in this week filter.
  • Allowed users to use row id in the form redirect URL.
  • Added a new is months ago filter.
  • Added a new is years ago filter.
  • Conditionally show form fields.
  • Show badge when the user has account level premium.
  • Added a new ClientUndoRedoActionGroupId request header to bundle multiple actions in a single API call.
  • Applications can now be duplicated.
  • Added option to use view’s filters and sorting when listing rows.
  • Added public gallery view.
  • Fixed bug with 404 middleware returning different 404 error messages based on the endpoint.
  • Made it possible to import data into an existing table.
  • Tables can now be duplicated.
  • Introduced environment variable to disable Google docs file preview.
  • Made it possible to select the entire row via the row context menu.
  • Show modal when the users clicks on a deactivated premium features.
  • Replaced all custom alert code with Alert component.
  • Added ability to create and restore snapshots.
  • Disabled table import field type guessing and instead always import as text fields.
  • Upgraded the images provided in our example docker-compose files to be the latest and most secure.
  • Fixed the perm delete trash cleanup job failing for self linking tables.
  • Added better error handling to row count job.
  • Fixed changing field type to unsupported form view bug.
  • Ensured the latest error is always shown when clicking the formula refresh options link.
  • Fixed duplicating view with that depends on select options mapping.
  • Don’t allow invalid aggregate formulas from being created causing errors when inserting rows.
  • Fixed backspace and delete keys breaking after selecting a formula text cell.
  • Fixed problem when new webhooks would be sent twice with both old and new payload.
  • Fixed problem causing kanban view duplication to fail silently.
  • API endpoints undo and redo now returns a list of actions undone/redone instead of a single action.
  • Removed primary from all componentsand stores where it isn’t absolutely required.
  • Concurrent field updates will now respond with a 409 instead of blocking until the previous update finished, set the env var BASEROW_WAIT_INSTEAD_OF_409_CONFLICT_ERROR to revert to the old behaviour.
  • Webhooks row.created, row.updated and row.deleted are replaced with rows.created, rows.updated and rows.deleted, containing multiple changed rows at once. Already created webhooks will still be called, but the received body will contain only the first changed row instead of all rows. It is highly recommended to convert all webhooks to the new types.
  • Fixed not being able to paste multiple cells when a formula field of array or single select type was in an error state.
  • API endpoint /database/views/grid/${viewSlug}/public/info/ has been replaced by /database/views/${viewSlug}/public/info/ recommended converting all webhooks to the new types.

What’s next?

In Baserow 1.12 we will make it possible to self host easily via Helm charts and more. As well as to create a form in survey style and a new collaborator field types.

As always we will continue working on features suggested by the community and fixing bugs.

Do you have questions regarding the new updates? Or anything else? Leave your questions in our official community forum — we’re always happy to answer them!

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