Create a field

This support article covers how to add a new field. For an overview of field types supported in Baserow, including how to format your data and use it effectively, refer to this article on Baserow fields.

Set up a field

To create a new field, you can click on the + button just after the last visible field at the end of the table. Next, select the field type and input a name to identify the field. Click Create.

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Duplicate an existing field

To duplicate a field, click on the arrow down icon next to a field. Select the Duplicate field option from the dropdown.

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While duplicating a field, you can choose either to duplicate it with or without data. To duplicate a field, click on the arrow next to the field name, select the duplicate field option from the dropdown and put a checker mark if you want it to be duplicated together with data.

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Insert a new field

Note that you cannot insert a new field from the Primary field.

To add a new field, you can either use the + button at the end of the table or insert a new field between existing fields. You can select a field and either insert a new field to the left or right of that field. Learn more about reordering and moving fields.

To insert a new field,

  1. Click on the dropdown icon next to the field you want to insert a new field beside the existing field.
  2. Select either ← insert left or → insert right.

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