Set up Baserow version

This support article provides guidance on how to set up Baserow to enhance team collaboration, optimize workflows, and gain valuable insights from your data.

Baserow can be configured in two ways, depending on how you intend to use it.

Baserow is organised into workspaces. Each workspace has users invited to become members. Users can use Baserow completely for free or upgrade to a paid plan in both the self-hosted and hosted (SaaS) versions.

For more details about pricing plans and features, refer to Pricing on the Baserow website.

Baserow open-source license

Almost all of the Baserow code is MIT licensed, and it is the most permissive license out there. As a permissive license, it puts only very limited restrictions on reuse and has, therefore, high license compatibility.

SaaS (hosted cloud version)

We provide a hosted version of Baserow which you can sign up for and start using immediately for free at

To upgrade a SaaS hosted version from a free to a paid plan, a paid subscription is purchased separately for each Baserow workspace. You will need to purchase a paid plan to allow all users in the workspace to access Baserow premium features.

Hosted version Free Premium Advanced
Pricing Free $5.00 per user / month $20.00 per user / month
Row limit 3,000 10,000 250,000
Storage limit 2GB 5GB 20GB
Features Open source features Premium features Premium features
API requests limit 10,000 / month 20,000 / month 50,000 / month
Ideal for individuals and try out small companies mid-size companies
User support Community Community Community

Sign up for Baserow hosted

Self hosted (your own server)

You can easily install Baserow on your own server. It is possible to run Baserow and register licenses on an air-gapped server, not connected to the internet. See our installation documentation for options for setting up a self-hosted Baserow server if you don’t already have one.

With self-hosting, you can host an application on a server you control and host the database on-premises or on a rented server in a data centre. You’ll oversee the administration and maintenance of your own server (usually on-premises), with complete control of all your data and services without depending on third-party providers.

To upgrade a Self hosted version from a free to a paid plan, a subscription is purchased separately for a Baserow instance. You will need to purchase a paid plan to allow your users access Baserow premium features.

Self-hosted version Open source Premium Enterprise
Pricing Free $5.00 per user / month On request
Row limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Features Open source features Premium features Premium and Enterprise features
API requests limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Ideal for individuals and try out small companies Larger teams
User support Community Community Direct support

Install Baserow on your server

Move data from hosted (SaaS) to self-hosted

To move your data from the hosted to a self-hosted version, you’ll need assistance from our team. Simply use the contact form to request a migration, and we’ll guide you through the process.

First, we’ll verify your data ownership, then create an export and provide instructions for importing it. Once you have the export, you can easily import your data into your self-hosted instance. It’s important to note that this process requires some technical skills and familiarity with the command line.

If you’re wondering if the cloud or self-hosted is right for your business, reach out for more information, we can help.

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