Number field

A number field type is created specifically to handle numbers, which can represent integers or decimals. The number field type holds numerical values, such as the quantity or currency.

Use Number fields to store numbers that are used in computations or mathematical expressions. For storing some types of numeric values, other field types might be more appropriate. For example, if you need to store a phone number, phone number fields are a better choice than the number field. Use single line text fields to store numbers that are used as text values.

Format numbers

There are a few options available in the field modification menu when customising your number field. You can specify whether or not to allow negative values in this field as well as the desired number of decimal places, up to a maximum of 10.

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To format your numbers as integers (whole numbers), select the default decimal place of 0(1). For decimal numbers, select a range from 1 (1.0) to 10 (1.0000000000).

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You can use commas as separators in number fields.

For other number formattings like percentages, calculations or display numbers using a comma instead of a decimal, use the formula field to substitute decimals contained in the ‘Number’ field with commas and calculate field values.

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