Manage workspace access

If you want your team to have the access it needs to successfully complete its tasks, give your team members permission. You can invite users to your workspace and assign permissions to give them relevant access.

To share your work with others and let them edit it, learn more about managing collaborators in this section.

This action is restricted to workspace admins only. To manage a workspace, ask a workspace admin to upgrade you to an Admin role.

When a subscription is purchased, all users in the workspace will have access to the premium features. On you buy premium for all of the users in your workspace at once. If you want to add new users to a workspace, this will increase the cost of your subscription as all users in the workspace must be premium. Likewise, the price will be reduced once the user is not a part of the workspace anymore. All users in the workspace will then have access to the premium features like row comments.

Add a user to a Workspace

Workspace admins can add new users to the workspace by sending email invites. To add a user to a workspace:

  1. Switch to the workspace you want to manage from the dashboard or by using the sidebar.
  2. Click the vertical ellipses icon in the right corner next to the workspace name.
  3. Click Members.
  4. Input the user’s email address and choose a view permission type.

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When adding a new user to a workspace, you will have the option to choose a permission type. If you’d like to choose another permission type for a user, you can easily change their workspace permission type by reassigning the user’s permission from the Members settings menu. Learn more about workspace permissions.

Remove a user from a Workspace

Workspace admins can remove one or multiple users from a workspace by clicking the ellipses (three-dot) icon to the right of the user’s name. This will cause a window to appear that says “Remove from workspace”.

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