Setting up a workspace

Learn the basics and create your workspaces. Applications like databases belong to a workspace, so in order to create databases or tables, you must first create or be invited into an existing workspace by a workspace administrator.

In this section, we’ll cover how to set up your Baserow workspaces.

Create a workspace

With Baserow, creating a new workspace is simple, so here’s how you do it. With just one click of the plus button (+), you can create your workspace. There are two ways to create a new workspace from the dashboard.

  1. On the dashboard main page click the + Create workspace button. This button will also be visible on the sidebar.

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  1. Additionally, if you have existing workspaces you can also create a new workspace by clicking the vertical ellipses icon in the right corner next to the Workspace name. This will take you to the dropdown for your list of workspaces. Click the button + Create workspace.

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You’ll be required to give a new workspace a name when it has been created. Name the workspace to represent whatever you are working on, from managing team activities or tracking the progress of a product launch to project management or structuring internal processes and workflows. It’s helpful to give each workspace a name that describes its content.

You can rename a workspace after it’s created or at any time.

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When you create a new workspace, you automatically take on the role of workspace admin. After you’ve created a workspace, you can add databases and tables to it and invite collaborators to join.

Note: If you create a new account in the self-hosted plan but you are unable to create a new workspace, contact the Instance Admin. An Instance Admin in the self hosted instance is the person who set up the instance. When the option to Allow everyone to create new workspaces is disabled by the Instance Admin, newly created accounts that are not invited as collaborators in an existing workspace will not be able to create a workspace.

Rename a workspace

This action is restricted to workspace admins only.

To rename a workspace:

  • Switch to the Workspace you want to manage from the dashboard or by using the sidebar.
  • Click the vertical ellipses icon in the right corner next to the Workspace name
  • Click Rename Workspace.

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If you’re looking for something else, please feel free to make recommendations or ask us questions in our online community —we’re ready to assist you!