Create a row

You need to create new rows to add new data to a Baserow database. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps required to make new rows in Baserow, so you can start organizing your data like a pro.

To get an overview of Baserow rows and their features, visit this support article.

Making a new row on Baserow is simple. There are three ways to make a new row:

  • Click the last row at the bottom of the grid
  • Right-click on an existing row and select ‘Insert row above’
  • Right-click on an existing row and select ‘Insert row below’

enter image description here

Create a new row from the row select modal

You can also create a new row directly from the row select modal. To do this, click the ‘+’ button while choosing a relationship in the link to table field.

enter image description here

Duplicate a row

To duplicate a row, right-click on a row and select the duplicate row option from the dropdown.

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