Change a paid subscription

When you subscribe to the paid plan in the hosted version, all the collaborators in the workspace will be upgraded to another plan. Inviting more collaborators to the workspace will increase the price of your subscription later on as all collaborators in the workspace must be premium. Likewise, the price will be reduced once the user is not a part of the workspace anymore.

Change subscription in the Hosted version

To change your subscription, navigate to the Subscriptions > More details.

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Within the subscription details, you can view the row and storage usage, as well as change payment method, change subscription, download receipt and view the next payment date.

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To change a subscription, click on the Change subscription link and select a new plan and/or period. Next, click the Confirm change button.

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Change seats in the Self-hosted version

Self-hosters can choose the number of seats. The number of seats is the number of users that you can give access to the premium version in your self-hosted environment.

To upgrade or downgrade the self-hosted plan’s seats as an existing self-hosting subscriber, visit the SaaS hosted version to make a change to the subscription.

To adjust the number of seats for self-hosters, click on the More details button.

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Within the details page, click on the Change subscription link and update the number of seats, plan, instance ID and/or payment period.

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As you add new seats, the cost of the subscription will change to reflect the new pricing.

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Next, click the Confirm change button. If you add a user you will get charged the difference right away. If you remove a user, the remainder of the money charged will be used for the next payments.

Change an instance ID

Your instance ID can be found in the admin licenses section and can be changed.

It is also possible to change the instance id for an ongoing subscription in case you want to use the license for a different instance later on.

Change the payment method

You can update your payment method within your SaaS (hosted cloud version) or Self hosted (your own server) subscription details.

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Within the details page, click on Change payment method to proceed to provide new payment card details.

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You will be redirected to a new window to update payment card information.

Cancel a subscription

A paid subscription stays active for the pre-paid period, and ends on the day the next payment would occur.

To cancel your subscription,

  1. Navigate to the Subscriptions tab > More details.
  2. Click on the Change subscription link
  3. Click the Cancel subscription link.

When a subscription is cancelled, it will remain active until the end of the billing period.

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