Multiple Select Field

Similar to a single select field, a multiple select field lets you choose from a list of predefined options. However, unlike a single select field, you can choose as many options as you want for each cell. This doesn’t create two fields, but rather a field with two entries in it.

An autocomplete menu will appear when you edit a cell in a multiple select field. You can input to limit the list of alternatives or choose the desired option from the dropdown menu.

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A small token representing each choice option is shown and can be deleted by clicking the x.

Customize multiple select options

In the multiple select field customization menu, you can add, remove, reorder and update a selection of choices.

A multiple-select field can save time when edits need to be made. For example, if you have a multiple select field that contains ‘red’, ‘blue’ and ‘yellow’ but decide that ‘yellow’ should really need to be ‘green’, you only need to change this once. As soon as the change has been made, all the records that reference ‘yellow’ will be changed to ‘green’. You don’t need to re-enter the values yourself. This can save you lots of time, especially if you’ve already got hundreds of records with ‘yellow’ as a value in the field.

Add multiple select option

To create a new multiple select option,

  1. Click on the dropdown beside the field to reveal the field configuration menu and select ‘Edit field’
  2. Add a new option with the ‘+ Add an option’ button
  3. Click on the ‘Change’.

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Alternatively, add new select options on the fly as you’re filling out the cells without going to the field configuration menu. You can create a new select option by typing in the name of the option you’d like to create and selecting the ‘+ Create new option’ button. New multiple select fields will be added automatically whenever a new, unique value is entered in the designated field.

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Reorder the select options

You can also reorder the select options by clicking and dragging on the reorder icons, which appear on the left-hand side of each select option.

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Delete select option

You can also delete a select option by clicking on the x icon, which appears on the right-hand side of each select option. Note that when you delete a select option, the option will be removed from any cell configured.

Modify colors

You have a choice of 15 different colours for your select options.

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If you want to limit the information related to each select option, consider converting the multiple select field into a single select field.

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