Enterprise Admin Panel

The Admin Panel is a centralised interface for Instance admins to manage the Enterprise account for their organization.

Instance admins can actively maintain authentication and manage user and workspace access using a variety of tools in the Admin Panel. Only Instance administrators have access to the Baserow Admin panel. An Instance Admin is the account that installs and sets up Baserow and has staff privileges.

This support article will help Instance admins understand and manage Baserow’s use in their organisation.

This is an Enterprise-only feature. If you are interested in learning more about our Enterprise plan and the additional features that it offers, then visit this page.

Overview of the Admin Panel

Instance admins have access to a high-level of the functions from the Admin Panel. In general, you can:

  • Delete or deactivate users and workspaces associated with their Enterprise account
  • View user activity and other data point reports.
  • Set account restrictions and authentication settings for their organisation
  • View an organization’s complete list of licenses.

Before proceeding, make sure you have the “Staff” access required to access the Admin Panel.

Login to your Baserow server as an Instance admin. In the navigation sidebar on the left side of the page, Instance admins will see the “Admin” option. This will take you to the Dashboard page.

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Admin Panel pages

To manage and view information about usage and access from the Admin Panel, click ‘Admin’ in the sidebar to view pages with important data. Learn how to use the information and options on these pages.

  • Dashboard: This information is useful when you need to delve into data and uncover valuable insights.

    The Admin panel’s Dashboard page displays data about workspaces, applications, users, user activity, and more. Instance Admins can view everything from information about the total number of users, workspaces and applications associated with the organization’s Enterprise plan, to more specifics about new and active users.

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  • Users: The Users page of the Admin Panel lets Instance admins manage and view information about Baserow users from the organization.

  • Workspaces: Instance admins can manage and view data about the workspaces connected to their organization on the Workspaces tab of the Admin Panel.

  • Authentication: Baserow Single Sign On (SSO) allows Instance admins to have control over user authentication. To learn more about configuring your organization’s SSO settings, please refer to this support article.

  • Audit Logs: The audit log keeps track of every action performed in your Baserow instance. You can have complete visibility into what you and your collaborators have been working on.

  • Settings: Instance Admins can control two fundamental aspects of their organization’s Baserow account on the Settings page of the Admin Panel: account restrictions and user deletion.

  • Licenses: The Admin Panel enables Instance admins to create access rules and keep an overview of every user license in the company.

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