Primary Field

By default, the primary field is the first field in a table. Every row in your table should be identified by a name that is unique. The primary field may be used as a row description in other areas of the UI. For example, when you link a row to another table, the title card representing the linked row displays the value of the primary field.

![Screenshot 2022-07-13 at 17.00.20.png](Primary%20Field%2021c4230ce41445b19ee23df0f74ec0c3/Screenshot_2022-07-13_at_17.00.20.png)

Customize the primary field

The primary field does not support Link to table field.

To customize the primary field, click on the arrow next to the field name and select an option to edit the field name and type, create a filter or sort rows by the primary field.

The position of the primary key field in a table as the first column is fixed and cannot be changed. Although you can’t delete the primary field, you can change its type or copy the data to another field.

Duplicate primary field data

To duplicate the date in a primary field, create a new field on your table to hold the values of your primary field. Make sure the field type in your new field matches the field type in your primary field.

![Screenshot 2022-07-12 at 11.39.43.png](Primary%20Field%2021c4230ce41445b19ee23df0f74ec0c3/Screenshot_2022-07-12_at_11.39.43.png)

Copy and paste the data from your current primary field by selecting the rows and pasting them into your newly created field.

enter image description here

Change the primary field type

If you’d like to change your primary field name or the default single line text type to a different field type,

  1. Click on the arrow next to the primary field name
  2. Select ‘Edit field’.
  3. You can then designate a new field type for your primary field.

enter image description here

Supported field types

Each row’s primary field acts as its unique identifier, and cannot be deleted, moved or hidden. Baserow currently allows for the following field types to be used as primary fields:

  • Single line text
  • Long text
  • Number
  • Rating
  • Boolean
  • Date
  • Last modified
  • Created on
  • URL
  • Email
  • File
  • Single select
  • Multiple select
  • Phone number
  • Formula
  • Lookup

The primary field is a text-based field by default. However, it can also support all other field types, except the link to table field.

If you’re looking for something else, please feel free to make recommendations or ask us questions in our online community —we’re ready to assist you!