Import Airtable base to Baserow

Baserow allows you to import data as a new database into an existing workspace within minutes.

If you’re familiar with Airtable databases, diving into a new platform can seem daunting. But, there’s no need to be overwhelmed! There are easy ways to transition.


You need to retrieve your base share link from Airtable.

  1. In Airtable, click on the Share button in the top right corner after opening your base.
  2. Next, choose the Base tab.
  3. Click on the Share publicly button in the share modal.
  4. Enable shared base link (read-only) to turn on full base access.
  5. Copy generated shared base URL.

If you’re unable to find it, see Airtable’s help and support documentation for detailed guidelines on creating a base share link or a view share link.

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Create a new database from Airtable import

To import your Airtable base, go to your Workspace

  1. Click the + Create new button in the workspace you want to add the database to
  2. Select Database from the dropdown option
  3. Switch to the Import from Airtable tab
  4. Get the shared link to your entire Airtable base.
  5. Copy the shared base public link and paste it into the Baserow input field.
  6. Click Import from Airtable.

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Understanding how to import your data gives context, ensuring that you can take action on it once you bring it into Baserow. Learn about the fields to understand which can be imported into Baserow.

You can also add a database from a template or create a database from scratch.

If you’re looking for something else, please feel free to make recommendations or ask us questions in our online community —we’re ready to assist you!