Single line text field

Single line text fields are text boxes that allow users to input and store short strings of text. This field type can be used for various purposes, from capturing names and titles to tracking project statuses and deadlines.

In this section, we will explore the benefits of using single line text fields in Baserow and provide some tips for optimizing their use in your projects.

How to add a single line text field

To add a single line text field for short, unique text,

  1. Click the plus sign to the right of your existing fields.
  2. Select the single line text field type and input the name of the field.
  3. Click ‘Create

Set a default text

In the field configuration dialog, you can set a default field value for every new row  created within the table. When you set a default text, the cell will automatically be filled with the default value when a new row is added.

To set the default value, click on the ‘Default’ field and enter a default text.

enter image description here

If you find that you’re using the same values frequently in a field, you can use the single select, multiple select, or link to table fields to make the data easier to enter and edit.

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