Public sharing

Sharing a specific view from a table is useful for collaborating with people outside your organization who only need access to a few items in your database.

Anyone with the link will have view-only access to the table that has been shared. You can share a table with anyone, whether or not they are a collaborator in your workspace.

An example of someone you might grant link access to is a client. For example, you are working with multiple clients on a project and want them to get a detailed view of the data.

You can hide fields from viewers. A client, for example, needs to keep track of the tasks in their project. You’ve included the category, project lead, project team, kick-off date, due date and budget. You can conceal the fields you don’t want the client to view.

If you change the visible fields in a view, the view share link will immediately reflect those changes in real-time.

A shared view allows anyone to see the data in any table in your database.

To publicly share a view:

  1. Visit a grid or form view on any table.
  2. Click the Share view option of the supported view you want to share.

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  1. Share the view using the link or the Copy link icon. You can also customize the view using the options that appear:
    • Restrict access with a password: The public link will only be accessible after entering the password. This password will be saved encrypted. A minimum of 8 characters is required here.
    • Disable shared link: The password will be deleted and it will not be possible to recover it.
    • Generate new URL: To automatically expire the old link shared, create a new publicly shared URL.
    • Change password: By changing the password, the previous one will no longer work. This password will be saved encrypted.

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  1. Preview the view share link (copy URL)

Hide/show fields

View share links don’t display hidden fields in the shared view, even if you enlarge a row in the view share link.

Only fields that are not hidden will be visible in publicly shared views. Choose what information is shared publicly by using the Hide fields option.

Fields are hidden even when records are expanded in the view share link. Learn more about the basics of hide and show fields.

You can create multiple views with different filters and easily share your data by creating a public link.

If you create a view share link, the sorting conditions used to create the view will be available to others who access the view through the link. Viewers will be able to sort and filter data in any way they like

However, sort options set in a view you share via a view share link do not affect how that view displays data in the table itself.

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Embed a view via iframe tag

To embed a view via an iframe. Share a grid view publicly, copy the publicly shared URL and replace YOUR_URL in the code snippet below:

<iframe src="YOUR_URL" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="400"></iframe>

You can remove the Baserow logo from your public view.

Upgrade to the premium version to use the public logo removal. You can upgrade your account by getting a license. For more details about Baserow subscriptions, visit this article.

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