Admin Panel - Workspaces

Instance admins can manage and view data about the workspaces connected to their organization on the Workspaces tab of the Admin Panel. Learn more about creating a workspace in this support article.

Instance-wide Admin panel is an Enterprise-level feature. Refer to this support article to learn more about our Enterprise plan and the additional features it provides.

Only Instance administrators have access to the Baserow Admin panel. Instance Admins have admin access to the entire self-hosted instance.

The information and options on the Workspaces home page allow Instance admins to:

  • View all the current workspaces that exist within the organization
  • Search for a particular workspace
  • See the members in a workspace. The ability to add users to a workspace exists on the Members page of the workspace. Learn how to invite members to a workspace.
  • View the number of applications in each workspace
  • View the date that the workspace was created
  • Delete the workspace

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Searching and sorting

From the Workspaces home page, Instance admins can search for workspaces by their workspace name. Additionally, workspaces can be sorted by:

  • Workspace name - Alphabetically (▾) or reverse-alphabetical order (▴)
  • Applications - Least number of applications (▾) or most (▴)
  • Date created - Oldest created workspaces (▾) or most recently created (▴)

To sort, click the header column that you would like to sort by:

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Delete a workspace

Instance Admins can permanently delete a workspace by clicking the ellipses (three-dot) icon to the right of the page. By clicking this button, an option for deleting that workspace will appear.

After clicking the “Permanently delete” button, a pop-over will display asking you to confirm that you would like to delete the workspace.

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If you’re looking for something else, please feel free to make recommendations or ask us questions in our online community—we’re ready to assist you!