Row configuration options

Columns and rows are different ways that data can be organized into a grid. Rows and columns are different when it comes to data organization. This support article provides an overview of row customization. Refer to this support article for an overview of row concepts.

Data in a column is aligned vertically from top to bottom, while data in a row are arranged horizontally from left to right.

In this section, we will provide an overview of how to add and organize data within rows, and how to use them for different types of projects and workflows.

Navigating row configurations

Reordering rows

You can reorder rows in a table by dragging and dropping them.

To reorder your views,

  1. Identify the row you want to move.
  2. Click and hold on the drag handle on the left-hand side of the view.
  3. Move to its new location.

Reordering rows

Note that you can only reorder rows when there is no manual sorting of the grid. For more details on sorting rows manually and automatically within a grid view, check this article.

Deleting a row

To delete an individual item in a row, right-click on the row and select Delete row.

Deleting a row

Multi-select rows

To multi-select a row, hold down the mouse and drag across the rows to select them.

When you right-click and select a row, it allows you to choose the entire row at once.

Multi-select rows

Multi-selecting rows are limited to 200 selections at a time.

Moving rows using copy-and-paste functions

Copy and paste your row information into another row in a grid view with ease. Simply select the cells you wish to copy by clicking and pasting them with a keyboard shortcut - cmd/ctrl + v.

Moving rows using copy-and-paste functions


I cannot select more than 200 rows in a table.

Multi-selecting rows are limited to 200 selections at a time. You can only select a maximum of 200 rows at a time because Baserow lazy loads only 200 rows at a time. This is so you can easily scroll through millions of rows without having to download them all.

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