Subscriptions Overview

This page covers how you can get access to paid Baserow features by paying for a subscription.

Baserow is organised into groups. Each group has users invited to become members. Users can use Baserow completely for free and be in a group in both the self-hosted and SaaS versions.

  • Hosted: SaaS offering on the website
  • Self-hosted: Host your own instance on-premise or in the cloud.

Understand Baserow Pricing Model

You will need to buy a Baserow subscription to upgrade users to the premium plan to access the premium features, including:

  • Row coloring
  • Row comments
  • Kanban view
  • JSON and XML export
  • Admin functionality
Hosted version Free Premium Advanced
Pricing Free $5.00 per user / month $30.00 per user / month
Row limit 3000 10000 100000
Storage limit 2GB 5GB 20GB
Features Open source features Premium features Premium features
API requests limit 10,000 / month 20,000 / month 50,000 / month
Ideal for individuals and try out small companies mid-size companies
User support Community Community Direct support
Self-hosted version Free Premium Enterprise
Pricing Free $5.00 per user / month $30.00 per user / month
Row limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Features Open source features Premium features Premium and Enterprise features (RBAC, SSO, Audit log, Admin dashboard)
API requests limit Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Ideal for individuals and try out small companies Larger teams
User support Community Community Direct support

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Understand Paid Subscriptions

Subscriptions are priced per user and you can choose to be charged monthly or yearly. The price is prorated every time the number of users changes, so you will get charged only for the time during which a user can use premium features. If you add a user you will get charged the difference right away. If you remove a user, the remainder of the money charged will be used for the next payments.

There are two main types of subscriptions:

  • Subscriptions for using a hosted version at
  • Subscriptions for using a self-hosted instance

To buy a Baserow subscription you will need a account, even if the subscription is intended for self-hosted Baserow instances.

Differences between SaaS and Self-hosted versions

What counts as a premium user is different for hosted and self-hosted versions.

SaaS Hosted Baserow

For SaaS hosted version, you pay automatically based on the number of users in a group. A subscription is purchased separately for each Baserow group and you will get charged automatically for all users of the group.

You can’t have a mix of free and paid members within a group when a subscription is paid for a group. It is possible to have multiple subscriptions for different groups as well as a combination of multiple free and paid groups.

Users are considered to be a part of the group once they accept an invitation to join. Sending invitations by itself doesn’t lead to additional charges.

Once a group has a subscription, you are charged for every user. All members will then have access to the premium features like row comments.

Self-hosted Baserow

If you have installed Baserow on your own server and you would like to upgrade users to the premium plan, then you should choose the self-hosted option. A subscription is purchased separately for a Baserow instance, identified by an instance id.

With self-hosting, you can host an application on a server you control and host the database on-premises or on a rented server in a data centre. You’ll oversee the administration and maintenance of your own server (usually on-premises), with complete control of all your data and services without depending on third-party providers.

Self-hosters can choose the number of seats. The number of seats is the number of users that you can give access to the premium version in your self-hosted environment.

You can choose the number of seats you want to purchase at the beginning and adjust the number of seats at any time. As with the hosted version, the price will be prorated when the number of seat changes. It is also possible to change the instance id for an ongoing subscription in case you want to use the license for a different instance later on.

Once a self-hosted subscription is paid for, you will be able to download a license key that can be used to register your Baserow instance. After that, you can choose which registered users will be able to use paid features. These users can then use paid features across all groups, while users that are not assigned to the license won’t be able to do so. You can mix free and paid users in one Baserow instance and it doesn’t matter in which groups the users will work in.

For more details about self-hosting your database, read this article.

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