Subscriptions Overview

Discover how to use and manage subscriptions for Premium and Advanced plans in Baserow. This article covers how to upgrade from a free plan to a paid plan.

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  • Active status → means that it didn’t expire yet, even if it is cancelled
  • Archived status → means subscription is no longer active
  • Not scheduled payment → means the subscription has been cancelled and will not be renewed on expiry

For Baserow Enterprise plans, pricing is calculated differently. Please get in touch with a sales representative if you’re interested in learning more about Enterprise pricing.

How paid subscriptions work

There are two main types of subscriptions:

  • Subscriptions for using our SaaS Hosted version at
  • Subscriptions for using a self-hosted instance

Baserow offers both free and paid plans in the SaaS Hosted and Self Hosted versions. Our paid plans offer increased levels of usage and additional features.

When upgraded to a Premium, Advanced or Enterprise plan, the corresponding premium features are applied, including:

  • JSON and XML export
  • Row comments
  • Row coloring
  • Public logo removal
  • Kanban view
  • Survey form mode
  • Role based permissions (SaaS Hosted Advanced and Self Hosted Enterprise plans only)
  • Direct Priority Support (SaaS Hosted Advanced and Self Hosted Enterprise plans only)
  • Single Sign On (Self Hosted Enterprise plan only)
  • Instance-wide admin access and group admin pages (Self Hosted Enterprise plan only)

For a full overview of our plans and pricing, please visit

Subscription for SaaS hosted plans

In the cloud version at, subscription plans are on the group level. Subscription is purchased separately for each Baserow group. For example, if a user has two groups, they must get two subscriptions. It is possible to have multiple subscriptions for different groups as well as a combination of multiple free and paid groups.

Only an admin of a group can access the group settings page to perform billing actions such as upgrading a group to another plan, updating billing information, and changing the subscription plan. Non-admin members of a group do not have access to its subscription information. For more details about group permissions, please refer to this support article.

When a Group Admin purchases a group subscription, the group and its members are upgraded to that plan and you are charged for every user. You can’t have a mix of free and paid members within a group.

SaaS Premium plan

When an Admin on a paid SaaS Premium plan invites a member to a group and the user accepts, they will be billed for that user. All the members of the group will then have access to the premium features.

SaaS Advanced plan

You can invite someone to the group with the Viewer, No Access or No Role roles and you won’t have to pay for them unless you later change their roles. Learn more about who is considered a user for billing purposes.

For more details on how to purchase a paid subscription for SaaS (hosted cloud version), please refer to this support article.

Subscription for Self Hosted plans

In the self-hosted version, the plans are on a server-wide level. A subscription is purchased separately for a Baserow instance, identified by an instance ID. You can mix free and paid users in one Baserow instance and it doesn’t matter in which groups the users will work in.

Only an Instance Admin can access the Admin panel to retrieve the instance ID required to perform billing actions. Users without staff access do not have access to the entire instance.

Self hosted Premium plan

Billing is based on the number of seats. Users on the Self hosted Premium plan can buy subscriptions per seat and can manually assign seats per user, irrespective of the group they are in.

You can choose the number of seats you want to purchase at the beginning and adjust the number of seats at any time. The number of seats is the number of users that you can give access to the premium version in your self-hosted environment.

This makes it possible to have multiple premium licenses in one instance if desired. If you have 100 free users in total, you can buy a license for 10 seats and assign 10 users to it, meaning 10 users will have premium and 90 are free. This can be combined.

Self hosted Enterprise plan

The Enterprise Self hosted license upgrades all users at once without you having to do anything after registering it. If a user buys a license and upgrades their instance, it’s for all users regardless, even if they have multiple groups.

For more details on how to purchase a paid subscription for Self hosted version, please refer to this support article.

How to check your SaaS hosted plan

You can view a group’s subscription plan next to its name on the dashboard in the SaaS hosted version.

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Who is considered a “user” for billing purposes?

Baserow has both free and paid plans available. For paid plans, you will be charged per-user or per-seat for members in that group.

Pricing Plan User
Free plan Users on the free plan are not billed. Baserow free plan is ideal for individuals or very small teams.
SaaS Hosted Premium plan Every member of a group is classified as billable on the SaaS Hosted Premium paid plan. Billing is automatically based on all the users in a group. The entire group is upgraded and you are charged for every member in the group.
SaaS Hosted Advanced plan Any group member with the roles of Commenter, Editor, Builder, or Admin is billable on the SaaS Hosted Advanced paid plan. Members who have read-only roles, including the Viewer, No Access, and No Role, are classified as non-billable and completely free. Billing is automatically based on the number of users with paid roles in a group.
Self Hosted Premium plan You are billed for a fixed number of seats. Users can be allocated these seats on demand. Any seat assigned to users in the entire instance is classified as billable per seat.
Self Hosted Enterprise plan Users classed as billable will be decided with Baserow’s sales team. The Self Hosted Baserow Enterprise plan is designed for large businesses that want to get the most out of Baserow. Please contact a sales representative  to understand how the Enterprise plan will work for your team.

The price is prorated every time the number of users changes, so you will get charged only for the time during which a user can use premium features. If you remove a user, the remainder of the money charged will be used for the next payments.

In the SaaS Hosted Premium and Advanced plans, assigning a billable role to a free member or inviting members with a billable role to your group partway through a billing period will cause a pro-rated charge to be taken from your credit card on that or the following day.

Alternatively, removing members with paid roles from the group will result in a pro-rated credit being applied to your account which will be used to reduce the price of your next billing period.

Users are considered to be a part of a group once they accept an invitation to join. Sending invitations by itself doesn’t lead to additional charges.

In the Self Hosted plans, the price will be pro-rated when the number of seat changes.

For details and pricing for each plan, please visit

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