Enterprise license overview

Baserow Enterprise plan is designed to support large teams in industries to build databases, collaborate on projects, create applications and workflows, and digitise processes.

Baserow’s Enterprise version is only available for self-hosted Baserow servers on Baserow version 1.14.0 or greater. It is not available for workspaces on Baserow.io itself.

Enterprise features

Baserow Enterprise provides access to key features and capabilities:

  • Role-Based Access Control: Baserow Advanced and Enterprise plans come with advanced user management to collaborate effectively. Baserow role-based access control (RBAC) helps teams manage complex access protocols, such as vetting who to grant data and resources access to and what they can do with the information.
  • Administration Panel: The administration panel enables Instance admins to create access rules and keep an overview of every user license in the company.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO): Baserow Enterprise allows customers to use any multi-tenant SaaS applications to log in using the SSO credentials provided by any identity solution they choose. Users can enjoy unlimited capacity and the ability to choose how they secure their Baserow applications.
  • Direct Priority Support: Baserow offers functional support to Enterprise customers with operational and deployment support depending on need. Users can gain access to priority support to deploy Baserow across businesses quickly and seamlessly. This works in the form of a live chat that they can open by clicking on a button.
  • Access to all premium features: Users on the Enterprise plan have access to premium features.

Upgrade to the Baserow Enterprise plan

Upgrading to the Enterprise plan is a manual process handled by the Baserow sales team. Please contact a sales representative to get started with the Enterprise plan.

All users are always upgraded with an enterprise license. An Enterprise licence cannot be combined with any other license. This means that having some users on open source, some on the premium plan, and some on the enterprise plan is not possible.

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