Assign roles to members at workspace level

Baserow Advanced and Enterprise plans come with advanced user management to boost data protection and privacy requirements. Role-based access control allows administrators to restrict access to data by assigning roles to users in workspaces, databases or tables.

Role based permissions feature is available to users on SaaS Advanced and Self-hosted Enterprise plans. To learn more about Baserow paid plans, visit our pricing page.

An admin can assign roles to Members and/or Teams at the workspace level and on individual databases and tables. This support article covers assigning roles to members individually in a workspace. For assigning roles for other applications:


Members are assigned individual user roles when they are invited to a workspace. The role assigned to a member will be their default role at workspace level.

After you add a workspace member and they accept the invite, they will have this workspace level default role on everything in the workspace. The member will have access to all databases and tables in the workspace at the role level assigned to them unless you add an exception on specific tables or databases.

To manage and assign roles to Members at the workspace level,

  1. From the dashboard, select a workspace you’d like to invite the new user(s) to
  2. Click the ‘Members’ button under the workspace options. You can view the workspace members, teams and their workspace level roles on the Members page.

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Invite members to a workspace

Admins can invite new users to specific workspaces by clicking the “Invite member” button in the top right corner of the Members page.

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  1. Click the “Invite member” button to open up an invite pop-over where Admins can type a single email address.
  2. Choose the member’s default role at workspace level. Click the default role drop-down to scroll through the list of permissions.

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  1. Admins have the option to provide invitees with additional context by adding an optional message to the email invitation.
  2. Click the “Send invite” button

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On the workspace members page, Admins can control which default role each member in the workspace has.

Modify a member’s default role on the workspace level by selecting an option from the default role dropdown.

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Member-specific roles will always override Team roles. To manage control, we recommend that you assign Members “No Role” at the Workspace level first, invite members to a team on workspace level, and then assign roles to the team on individual databases and tables as you see fit. Learn more about the hierarchy of roles.

Remove members from a workspace

Admins can remove any member from the workspace.

To delete a user from the list of members,

  1. Click the ellipsis ••• beside the member’s details on the Members page
  2. Click the “Remove from workspace” option from the options dropdown.

Use the search feature to quickly find a member by their name or email address.

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Removing a member from a workspace is not undoable. This action will delete all of that user’s role assignments and team assignments permanently.

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