Configure GitLab for OAuth 2 SSO

This guide is intended for Admins setting up OAuth 2 SSO with GitLab.

When you configure Single Sign-on (SSO) with GitLab, your users will be able to create and sign into their Baserow accounts using GitLab.

If you are looking for information on setting up SSO with other providers:

Single Sign-On feature is a part of the Baserow Enterprise offering. Instance-wide features are only available on the self-hosted Enterprise plan. To learn more about the Baserow enterprise plan, visit our pricing page.

Here’s how to set up OAuth 2 SSO with GitLab to sign in to your Baserow account.

Set up OAuth 2 SSO with GitLab

Sign in or create a GitLab account. Go to User settings → Applications at

Add a new application:

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Next, log in to Baserow. Go to the Admin > Authentication > Provider. Retrieve your Callback URL from your Baserow admin settings modal, following the steps in this guide.

To set up the new application,

  • Fill in the Application name as Baserow
  • Fill in the Redirect URI. This is the Baserow Callback URL you will find in the Baserow Provider Settings where you create or edit the authentication provider.
  • Set the Confidential checkbox.
  • Allow the read_user scope.

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Click the Save application button.

Once created, you will use the credentials to configure a new GitLab provider in Baserow:

  • Application ID is the Baserow Client ID.
  • Secret is the Baserow Secret.

enter image description here

After you’ve accessed this information from the application, copy and paste the information from GitLab into Baserow.

Connect GitLab to your Baserow Account

Head back to Baserow Admin > Authentication > Provider.

Configure GitLab by inputting the Client ID and secret information into the corresponding fields in your Baserow Admin Dashboard, following the steps in this guide.

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You should be able to log in with GitLab after completing these steps by visiting your Baserow servers login page. Your users will now be taken to a GitLab sign-in flow when they attempt to log into Baserow. After logging in with their GitLab credentials, they will be redirected to the app.

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