Database Token

Baserow API is used for real-time collaboration. Use database tokens to authenticate with the REST API endpoints where you can create, read, update and delete rows and configure permissions.

When the data has changed, the previously fetched data is immediately updated. A message is broadcast to all users connected to the web socket in the linked group when a user makes a modification, such as when creating a new database application.

This makes sure the user is always working with the most recent data with no need to reload the website.

On the Enterprise plan, only Group level admins and builders can create database tokens for a group. This is because tokens can operate on every scope, thus the user who creates the token must have the corresponding permissions.

Create a database token

To create a database token,

  1. Go to your profile, then navigate to your ‘Settings’ page
  2. Click on the ‘Database Tokens’ tab
  3. Click on the ‘Create token +’ button
  4. Input the name and select an existing group
  5. Click on the ‘Create token’ button to create a new database token for the selected group and for the authorized user.

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To copy the token ID, select the ellipsis icon beside the selected group and copy the token.

When the token sharing publicly, you must be cautious about setting the appropriate permissions. If you expose your token publicly, anyone with that token can create, read, update, and delete your data.

Learn more about updating API permissions.

Generate a new database token

The user’s database access privileges are defined by the database token permissions. If you accidentally expose your database token to the public, we recommend that you generate a new one as soon as possible.

You can generate a new database token by clicking the ‘Generate new token’ button.

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Delete a database token

You can delete an existing database token owned by an authorized user that has access to the related group.

Also, you can rename the token by clicking ‘Rename’.

Database token permissions

Database token are effective if the token has the correct permissions. A database token can be used to create, read, update and delete rows in a table. Include the access token in the API request to access data from the database.

It is possible to set permissions on the table level. The Database table rows endpoints can be used for these operations.

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The permission toggles indicate per operation which permissions the database token has within the whole group. If the value of for example create is true, then the token can create rows in all tables related to the group.

If all tables in the group are checked, then the token creates permissions for all the tables in the database selected. The same applies if a database reference is provided.

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