Admin Panel - Settings

Instance Admins can control two fundamental aspects of their organization’s Baserow account on the Settings page of the Admin Panel: account restrictions and user deletion.

Instance-wide Admin panel is an Enterprise-level feature. Refer to this support article to learn more about our Enterprise plan and the additional features it provides.

Instance Admins have admin access to the entire self-hosted instance. The controls in this section help to manage your organization’s security protocols.


Click on the Settings option in the Admin Panel’s navigation sidebar to navigate to the Settings page. This will bring up a page with settings options.

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Account restrictions

The “Account restrictions” section allows Instance admins to control who can gain access to your organization. This setting can be adjusted by clicking the toggle to enable or disable.

Allow creating new accounts

By default, any user visiting your Baserow domain can sign up for a new account. This setting allows Instance admins to prevent users from inviting non-users to sign up for a new account.

After setting up a self-hosted Baserow instance, It may be important to restrict premium access or allow non-members to view the data for a licensed workspace. You can disable the ability to sign up for a new account on the self-hosted instance URL.

To disable sign-up on self-hosted Baserow instance: Admin → Settings → Allow creating new accounts → Toggle off.

Allow signups via workspace invitations

If you toggle the ‘Allow creating new accounts’ option off, the “Allow signups via workspace invitations” option will appear. Instance Admins can use this setting to prevent or allow users to invite other users from outside your Enterprise domain.

Toggling this option on means that only directly invited users can create an account, so only members with workspace admin roles can invite users. For instructions on how to invite users to a workspace, see this support article.

Note that even if the creation of new accounts is disabled, this option permits directly invited users to still create an account.

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Allow resetting password

By default, users can reset their passwords. The last option in the Account restrictions section allows Instance admins to restrict users from requesting a password reset link.

Please keep in mind that if you disable this option, you risk locking yourself out of the system and losing access to your account if you forget your password.

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Allow everyone to create new workspaces

With this setting enabled, new users will have a workspace automatically created for them where they are Workspace Admins. For billing purposes, they will be reported as Admin. Learn more about Who is considered a “user” for billing purposes in this support article.

To prevent this, disable this setting. This will only allow staff to create new workspaces. Newly invited users will only start with the role they were invited with.

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User deletion grace delay

When you delete an account in Baserow, that account will remain on Baserow for a retention period before it’s permanently deleted.

The default grace delay period is 30 days. Instance Admins can adjust this period in the User deletion section.

Grace delay is the number of days without a login after which an account scheduled for deletion is permanently deleted.

Note that the default grace delay period only applies when an account is scheduled for deletion from the user’s account settings. It does not apply when the user is permanently deleted from the User page of the Admin panel.

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