Managing Group Members

In this guide, we’ll work through viewing and changing permissions. Manage who has been invited to your group and who has accepted the invitation.

From your members’ page, you can see and control every collaborator on every group you’re an admin of.

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See who has been given access to your Group

Once a group admin has added someone to a group, you can review who you’ve invited and who has joined your group from the Members settings page. Check to make sure that no unauthorized persons have access to your group data.

To see who has joined your group, or to see who you’ve invited,

  1. Go to ‘Members’ within the group.
  2. Group admins can see who has been invited or who has joined the group.

By selecting the ‘Members’ button, you will be sent immediately to the group members dialog for that particular group.

People who are allowed to view your group are listed here.

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Updating permissions for Group Collaborators

From the group settings page, admins can control which members have access to what content. You can alter the permission type of a group member at any moment.

Need to switch a collaborator from Admin to a Member? Admins of groups can view and change allocated permissions. When a collaborator is updated with new permission, their access level is updated to match their new permissions.

Navigate to your invitation page by clicking ‘Invite others’. Then, select the option to switch from an admin to a member.

You can view all collaborators from a group in two ways:

  • From the sidebar
  • From group settings on the dashboard

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Removing a Group Collaborator

Only Admins can remove people from a group. Members cannot view the list of collaborators within a group or remove a collaborator from a group.

Sometimes, after working with a collaborator in one of your groups for a period of time, you may find that it would be better to work on your project without that person. Here, we’ll cover a few steps to remove someone from your group.

You must be a group admin to remove people from your group.

  1. Open the group you would like to remove a user from.
  2. Click the vertical ellipses ⋮ icon in the right corner next to the group name to view the list of collaborators.
  3. Select ‘Members’.
  4. Locate the person you want to remove.
  5. Select the delete icon to remove.

All done!

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What happens when a collaborator is removed from a group?

If a user is removed, they will lose access to all group data. They will have to be re-added to the group to regain access.

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